There is something magical about handwriting, so why not bring handwritten texts and titles to your videos and presentations in an easy way?

You can now add an analog touch to your videos’ content with our Handwriting Titles plugin for Final Cut Pro X, by emulating animated handwritten texts and paper backgrounds.

We know how everybody wishes to have beautiful handwriting, and how it can be seen as elegant and sophisticated. That’s why this FCPX plugin helps you to get handwritten texts quickly and easily, giving your video content an amusing elegant theme in just minutes!

Have you ever felt amused by watching someone using beautiful and clean handwriting text with just ink and white paper? That’s exactly are we are bringing to you, without any hassle. Mesmerize your viewers and clients with the smooth style of this write-on text effect in the fastest way you could ever imagine.

Handwriting Titles for Final Cut Pro X contains lowercase and uppercase letters, glyphs, and numbers for both fonts included – Just Another Hand and Pacifico – for customizable animations of handwritten texts and titles. Beyond them, we also added four different background options: blackboard, graph paper, crumpled paper, or crumpled brown craft paper.

With fonts and backgrounds combined, you can pretend you’re writing for a classroom full of people, or a letter for someone you love, or even. add a dramatic tone with a note left in a crumpled paper. Everything you need to tell different stories, in your own way.

If you don’t think that how the titles look is enough for what you need, you can choose to customize it inside FCPX using the parameters available, such as writing speed, font size, rotation, opacity, blend mode, position, colors, and tracking controls. You also have the option to animate individual letters, entire words, or turn off animations for a more classic style.

This plugin is ideal for ad campaigns, social media, romantic declarations, and recipe videos. Oh, just a tip! You can combine Handwriting Titles with Chalkboard Toolkit and get even more amazing results using both plugins in your projects.

So, get Handwriting Titles for Final Cut Pro X, choose your font, pick a background, and share handwritten messages on classic backgrounds for elegant and amusing video content!

Compatible with Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8 (or later)

Size – 122 MB

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