The following code is used to Reverse Clip automatically in Premiere Pro

To use this code. you have to Download and Install AUTOHOTKEY

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  REVERSE CLIP  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

#IfWinActive ahk_class Premiere Pro

SetKeyDelay, -1

F2::                                            ; This is the HOTKEY
Click						; Click the Clip
Sleep 50					; wait for 50 Milliseconds
Send, ^r					; Press "CTRL R" to open "Clip / Speed Duration"
Send, {Tab 2}					; Press "TAB" twice to "Reverse Speed Option"									
Send, {Space}					; Press "SPACE" to select "Reverse Speed Option"
Send, {Tab 3}					; Press "TAB" thrice to "OK"
Send, {Enter}					; Press "Enter" to Selcet "OK"

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